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Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module


The EAD10 simplifies a complicated setup that typically requires microphones, cables, mixers and PA expertise. Just attach the EAD10 sensor unit to any acoustic bass drum and you will have a high-quality stereo image of your entire kit. It allows you to play along with your favorite artists, record your...


Vintage Tama Swingstar 6.4"x14" Steel Snare - USED


This is a vintage Tama Swingstar Made in Japan snare drum coming to you in amazing condition straight out of the 80's. All parts are factory original from the snare wires down under to the built in muffler, even the batter head itself. With only a few tiny rust spots...


Meinl Byzance 15" Dual Hi-Hats

$1,065.00 $569.99

Stunning contrast of extra dry and brilliant finishes with a unique combination of hammering and lathing. Versatile and dynamic with full-bodied sound. Expanding from the Byzance Extra Dry line, Byzance Dual cymbals have quickly risen in popularity and have become instantly recognizable for their stunning look and sound. To start,...


Meinl Byzance 14" Extra Dry Medium Hi-Hats

$953.00 $509.99

Distinctive hihat due to its weight relation between top and bottom. Dry and defined, fat chick due to heavy bottom. Light weight top produces a dark stick response with little wash. Although they appear to be raw, Byzance Extra Dry cymbals are meticulously refined through extensive hand hammering and shaping....


Meinl Artist Concept Model 12"/16" Luke Holland Bullet Stack

$702.00 $379.99

The artist concept models are a collection of cymbal Voices. They are the product of Meinl cymbal artists and the Meinl R&D team. The goal was to craft unique and innovative sounds that allowed the artist to explore, create and Forge ahead as Leaders in acoustic music and in the...


Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove 4-Piece Shell Pack, Black Sparkle

$665.00 $429.00

Breakbeats was designed with the city in mind. Positioned on a riser for optimum reach, its compact 14x16" bass drum, 7x10" tom, and 13x13" floor tom creates a set-up for sculpting grooves in tight spaces. It features Remo Pinstripe heads for pro-level tones, and comes with a multi-purpose bags for...


Ludwig Accent Fuse 5-Piece Complete Drum Set, Blue Foil

$660.00 $429.00

Accent series drums are the complete drum package for today’s aspiring drummer. An all-inclusive 5-pc drum set that provides everything you need to start your journey to becoming a drummer! Master the fundamentals, rehearse your favorite songs, and explore creative ideas on a drum-set designed to bring you the right...


Meinl Byzance Jazz 22" Tradition Ride

$928.00 $499.99

Its unique look and steep bow delivers a "woody" stick definition with a full warm wash underneath. This cymbal can handle a bebop jazz gig all the way to a modern studio setting. Byzance Jazz offers a deep well of expressive cymbals that draw players in. The hihats have a...


Meinl Byzance Traditional 20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash

$743.00 $399.99

The extreme light weight and the extensive hammer patterns result in a dark, trashy sound with a wide spread and a long sustain. An exceptional crash cymbal! Starting with hand hammering and following with hand lathing in Turkey, the word “traditional” accurately describes their hand-forged shape and deeply rooted sound....


Meinl Byzance Traditional 18" Thin Crash

$651.00 $349.99

Lightweight, sounds fairly washy and dark in a narrow frequency range. Soft attack and a fairly short sustain. Starting with hand hammering and following with hand lathing in Turkey, the word “traditional” accurately describes their hand-forged shape and deeply rooted sound. The Traditional series contains our broadest voice for Byzance,...


Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 21" Transition Ride

$858.00 $459.99

Perfect transition from articulate sticking to wide open crashing while never loosing the stick definition. Clear sticking and a present, but not overpowering, bell. Outstanding versatile ride cymbal. Although they appear to be raw, Byzance Extra Dry cymbals are meticulously refined through extensive hand hammering and shaping. Designed to be...


Meinl Byzance Dark 22" Big Apple Dark Ride

$966.00 $519.99

When power is met with a carefully blended dark tonal range through extensive hand hammering, your cymbal playing can go virtually anywhere. Byzance Dark cymbals are hand hammered, completely unlathed and have their original appearance and sound characteristic, exposing the raw B20 bronze with an oven-blackened look. They are distinguished...


Meinl Byzance Vintage 16" Benny Greb Sand Hi-Hats

$1,120.00 $619.99

The original Sand Hat idea dates back to the year 2010 when Meinl Cymbals debuted the Byzance 14" Vintage Sand Hats. Now a 16" version of the same hihat has been developed together with Benny Greb, paying tribute to new musical trends and customer requests for a bigger sized Sand Hat. "I...


Meinl Byzance Vintage 22" Sand Crash-Ride

$966.00 $519.99

The 22” Sand Crash-Ride is a very unique cymbal; the combination of the unique hammering patterns, the sandblasted surface, and the light weight creates a roaring sound with lots of low end. Three rivets round out that special cymbal with an overall dark, earthy and almost mysterious sonic character. Crafted...


Meinl Byzance Vintage 20" Crash

$798.00 $429.99

The combination of a sandblasted surface, big hammer marks and thin material enable an outstanding dry wash in a low frequency range with a buttery, soft attack. Exceptional crashes! Crafted to mimic the sound of an aged cymbal, the Vintage voice within Byzance has unique features that simulate the aging...


Meinl Byzance Vintage 18" Sand Thin Crash

$688.00 $369.99

The 18” Sand Thin Crash is a pitch matched, dark sounding cymbal with a short sustain. What stands out is its relatively trashy crash sound with a modern white-noise character. Crafted to mimic the sound of an aged cymbal, the Vintage voice within Byzance has unique features that simulate the...
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Meinl Byzance Vintage 14" Matt Garstka Equilibrium Hi-Hats

$953.00 $509.99

Similar to his china of the same name, Matt Garstka's signature Equilibrium Hi Hats strike a unique balance of attack, tone, response and volume. Various sections of each cymbal have been lathed for brightness or left unlathed to enhance the attack and bite, while other areas are sandblasted to achieve...


Meinl Classics Custom Dark 20" Ride

$364.00 $199.99

Its balance of stick definition and wash, along with a touch of warmth, produces a full spectrum of overtones when it opens up. Very innovative cymbal for any kind of music settings. Classics Custom cymbals from MEINL are designed to cut above the roar of guitars, doing most of the...


Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Complete Drum Microphone Kit

$624.99 $499.99

The PGADRUMKIT7 Drum Microphone Kit is a complete package of professional quality microphones, designed to provide excellent sound for full drum kit performance and recording. Included in the PGADRUMKIT7 are one PGA52 kick drum microphone, three PGA56 drum microphones, one PGA57 instrument microphone and two PGA81 instrument microphones, along with...


Meinl Classics Custom Dark CCD460+18 Cymbal Set

$1,278.00 $529.99

Aggressive and loud, but with a dark and warm tone, Classic Custom Dark cymbals are like nothing you have seen or heard before. Here, the cutting nature of Classics Custom is met with a shadowy and intense wash that envelops your playing with a complex, dark tone. The wide assortment...


Meinl HCS141620 Complete Cymbal Set

$378.00 $199.99

Complete The HCS Complete cymbal set features a pair of 14” hihats, a 16” crash, and a 20” ride from the HCS series, made from MS63 alloy. HCS 14" Hi-Hats A versatile hihat in medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hihat. HCS 16" Crash Smooth attack with...
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Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

$289.00 $269.00

Featuring innovative new technology from Roland, the KT-10 provides authentic feel and playability in a low-noise kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion instruments. The all-in-one design offers fast, fluid response and a unique reverse-action trigger mechanism that makes the pedal not only compact in size,...


Roland PD-85BK V-Pad 8" Electronic Drum Pad


The new 8" dual-zone V-Pads feature Roland’s latest dual-triggering technology, resulting in more consistent and accurate sensing between the head and rim. Built tank-tough and ready to take a pounding, these new-generation pads are available in both black and white finishes with chrome bracket. When used as toms with TD-20,...


Roland PD-140DS V-Pad 14" Digital Snare


Roland continues to revolutionize electronic drums, and our newly developed digital trigger pads are no exception. Incorporating the very latest technologies, these innovative pads work directly with the powerful processing in the flagship TD-50 sound module to provide the ultimate in expressive drumming. Never before have electronic drums been so...


Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals Set 13"/18"

$390.00 $195.99

Created specifically for low volume sessions, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals Set QTPC501 includes a minimalist set-up of 13” Hi-Hats and 18” Crash Ride. They are both designed to respond and sustain like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so drummers won’t have to change the...


Sabian HHX Performance Cymbal Set 14"/16"/18"/21"

$1,966.00 $1,179.99

The HHX Performance Set introduces a whole new design to the HHX line. Starting with a round of sparse hammering, followed by lathing, then denser HHX hammering over top, the result is a line of cymbals that are thinner, darker and faster than the HHX Studio, Stage and Power models...


Sabian B8X Performance Set Plus 14"/16"/18"/20"

$602.00 $329.99

Being a beginner doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor sound. B8X cymbals are hammered for more projection and complexity than any other B8 in their class, offering big, full accents. Includes - 14" B8X Hi-Hats - 16" B8X Thin Crash - 18" B8X Thin Crash - 20" B8X...


Sabian AAX Promotional Cymbal Set 14"/16"/18"/21"

$1,300.00 $779.99

The AAX Promotional Set from Sabian introduces a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A whole new style of AAX hammering - much more visible on the surface of the cymbal due to the larger, rounder peen - makes for a thinner, more complex and slightly darker...


Zildjian Planet Z Complete Cymbal Pack

$240.00 $199.99

The Planet Z Complete Pack gives you all the standard sizes in one convenient package. Tackle any style of music with a 14" hi-hat pair, a 16" crash cymbal, and a 20" ride. Every Planet Z pack also includes a pair of Zildjian 5A drumsticks. 14" Planet Z Hi-Hat Pair...


Zildjian I Expression Cymbal Pack 2 17"/18"

$347.00 $149.95

The I Family is a collection of expressive sounds designed to bring your playing to the next level. Broaden your sonic horizons from the fundamentals, and let your individual voice shine with this family of cymbals that feature modern weights and sizes, hammering, and extensive lathing. Explore and go further...


Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack - 14",16",18

$600.00 $299.99

Zildjian's one-of-a-kind L80 Low Volume cymbals are up to 80% quieter than traditional cymbals without losing the authentic Zildjian feel. They are ideal for practice spaces, drum lessons, low volume gigs or anywhere you can't play loud. Cymbals included: 14" HiHats - 80% quieter HiHats with authentic Zildjian cymbal feel....
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Mapex Black Panther Pegasus 5.5"x14" Maple/Walnut Snare Drum

$722.50 $499.00

The Mapex Black Panther Pegasus Snare Drum delivers a complex and layered sound through the hybrid maple/walnut shell. This combination allows for dark earthy qualities and the ability to open up and take off much like its mythical namesake. The Pegasus is fitted with Mapex's proprietary Sonic Saver hoops, a...

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