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Hohner B2AV-CRS 5-String Headless Bass, Cherry Burst


The headless design is a timeless reminder of the birth of music videos and electronic musical experimentation that was the 80’s, but it’s also more than that; an incredibly ergonomic and versatile instrument that offers itself to varying musical styles. The Hohner B2AV Headless Bass guitar features solid U.S. maple...
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Ludwig 1967 905PC Jazz Combo 3"x13" Snare Drum, Pearl Finish - Vintage


This special seperate tension model was designed for small combos and the studio musician. A small head diameter plus narrow 3-ply mahogany, poplar, mahogany  shell provides a crisp high-pitched sound made extra sensitive to the touch. The 6 tension casings are self-aligning and placed horizontally on the shell to provide...

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