Vocal/Singing Instructor: Sana Christian


Sana has taught the principles of healthy singing for decades, focusing on the physiology/anatomy of breathing and how it affects vocal performance. Sana works with her students on audition prep, eliminating nervousness/stage fright, troubleshooting songs, and more. 

As a professional musician, Sana has performed in her duo Sana & Terry since 1989 and has been part of numerous other groups over the years. She plays guitar & sang harmony with Mary Youngblood & the Sisters of the Earth, sings with the Kingston Trio, Barry McGuire, the Limelighters, Trini Lopez, Al Jardine, and Timothy B. Schmidt. She is part of a French Fold duo called the Patchouli Girls, a pop/folk duo called Water Lilies, a Rock band called the Cast Musical Band, and a Funk group called Delta Blue & Sam


The very first lesson is a consultation where she identifies the difficulties/needs of the student and establishes goals. She then maps out a course which will target those concerns and move the student closer to achieving their goals. The student picks the songs to master. Sana checks the voice and breathing and starts the student on a daily routine to warm up the voice, and with one focus a week, teaches how and why we use that muscle or technique. Sana uses reliable and proven materials - a booklet that goes with the lecture course, intertwining with a cd of vocal exercises, breathing exercises, and classical songs to apply the various techniques to strengthen and enhance the voice. She teaches how to harmonize and not stray into the other parts & how to read music.

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