Vocal/Singing Instructor: Juniper Waller


Juniper Waller is a third generation singer, songwriter, and performer. After a decade of studying the human voice, Juniper began teaching in 2016. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College, studied music at American River College, and completed training with the Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy. Juniper cut her teeth in the blues scene of New York City before moving back to her homestate of California to start her funk soul band The Gold Souls. With three albums under her belt and several multi-state tours, Juniper is a seasoned musician and bandleader who is passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience to others.


With an emphasis on voice science and vocal health, Juniper helps singers of all ages and backgrounds to find their voice, define their personal style, and begin to share it with the world in whatever capacity they desire. She has a knack for helping students unlock their power, and potential as singers. Juniper's experience as a breathwork teacher makes her uniquely poised to help singers access breath control for optimal creative expression and health. Juniper's belief that our voices are meant to be used and that everyone can enjoy singing sets the foundation for a safe, open-minded, exploratory lesson space. Juniper is also an experienced performance coach, helping students through stage fright and performance anxiety. Due to her many years of running a working band, Juniper helps those students embarking on the professional track through all facets of getting a music career off the ground, including but not limited to: songwriting and song arrangement, recording in the studio, booking gigs, getting a group together, marketing and media, releasing music, and touring.

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