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Songwriting Instructor: Jeffry Prince

Jeffry Prince Songwriting Instructor at Skip's Music


Pop, Rock, Film Soundtracks, TV Commercials, Country and every sub-genre of those main categories.


Jeffry-Wynne Prince has been a professional songwriter for over 15 years. He has had song placements with Disney, MTVMiramax, ESPN, CNBC, and Sony. He is a former SonyRED distributed artist who has performed over 1,000 shows and has had airplay in 12 countries which includes two top ten singles in Brazil. As a recording engineer he has mastered a variety of projects including A New Found Glory and Sugarcult as well as producing and mixing for Sony/BMG. Jeffry-Wynne can often be found at Skip’s music where he is regularly a coach for both the Weekend Warriors and Stairway to Stardom programs.


Through evaluation and critiquing of songs, Jeffry helps songwriters take their songs to the next level. Each student is required to bring in an original song which at least consists of a basic chord structure with melody and lyric for Jeffry to evaluate. After listening to you sing, play on a small portable instrument, or present a recording of your original piece, Jeffry will then provide you with a thorough, and positive critique to help your song and writing improve. For beginning writers, much of the focus is on basic music theory and song forms, whereas more advanced writers will learn elaborate composition methods, structures, and listening exercises.

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