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New at Skip’s! Ibanez Guitar and Bass 2018 Models and Accessories

New at Skip’s! Ibanez Guitar and Bass 2018 Models and Accessories

Skip's Music |

Skip’s Music has new models of guitars and basses, as well as accessories, from Ibanez following the Summer NAMM show. We are excited to show you what we have on the floor, including the reissues of some Ibanez favorites.

Over the last three decades, Ibanez has revolutionized metal guitar playing with its RG series. Particularly the famous RG550 and RG570 models have reinvented the way high performance guitars were built. With the lasting sound and style that has transcended their era, these reissued models have taken something already great and made it better.

In the past, the RG series have been a player favorite, but have lacked the durability for years of use and abuse in rock and metal performances. These reissued models feature a strengthened Super Wizard HP neck that is 17mm at the first fret and 19mm at the 12th with reinforced wood that can endure years of use.

These models are made in Japan, and are of higher quality than the previous RG series. They are available in original colors, giving you the same guitars you love with superior standards.

Skip’s Music also has on the floor the highly anticipated Ibanez NU Tube Screamer. Made in Japan, this pedal is fatter, bigger and bolder. It has a fuzzy sound and distinguishing clarity, with a mix knob that goes from classic-clean to a crazy overdrive, and everywhere in between. It runs on 9-18 volts with various sounds depending on power source. With a light show on the pedal’s face when engaged, the NU Tube Screamer will have your audience screaming for more!

Come into Skip’s Music today and check out what the excitement is all about! We have a variety of options to choose from, and we’ll help you find what you want and need.

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