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Weekend Warriors

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Our Weekend Warriors program is an easy way to get back into the fun of playing with other musicians, without the hassle of starting, rehearsing, booking and maintaining a working band. We provide the gear, rehearsal space – even the other musicians! You’ll rehearse one night a week for four weeks and then finish off with a concert in a local club for your friends, family and fellow Warriors. It’s all arranged. All you have to do is show up and play!

We help you focus on fun. In addition to the latest musical gear and a comfortable rehearsal room, we provide a musical coach to help you with forgotten chord changes, lyrics, and playing tips to whip you into a tight knit musical unit.

You’re never too old to Rock n’ Roll, Just ask the Stones. We’ve had Warriors of all ages. Everybody has a great time. Playing music is ageless and if anything can help you feel young- at any age – it’s playing in a band. No matter what your instrument or playing level, there’s a place in Weekend Warriors just for you.

If you play an instrument but have never played in a band before, Weekend Warriors is for you, too. We’ll put you together with other musicians and coach you along. There’s nothing like jamming with other players to improve your playing and it’s a lot easier than you think. Here’s your chance to really get in on the fun.

Weekend Warrior Jam Session Song List

Click HERE to download the song list we use for try-outs and our introductory jam sessions.


"My guitar was sitting in the closet for 15 years. Weekend Warriors got me motivated to dust it off and plug it in again. I forgot just how much fun playing is. Once again, music has changed my life!"

Mark H.
District Manager

"The other guys in the band and myself have become great friends over the past weeks and we plan to continue to practice and play as a group. This time I’m back into music to stay. Bob L. Investment Counselor The last time my daughter saw me play in a band, she was a year old. When she and her fiancee heard me play at the Weekend Warriors concert, they were amazed at how hip I’d become over the last 22 years!"

Allen S.
Mgr. State Dept. of Aging

"That stereotype about thinking you can’t rock past 30 is over for me. Weekend Warriors has made me feel that i’m just starting to peak."

Frank N.
Sales Rep

"Nothing can beat playing with other musicians. That’s the real deal of Weekend Warriors!"

Steve D.
Public Affairs Specialist

"My car is parked in the driveway again because I’m turning my garage into a music room."

Ted G.
Exhibition Contractor

"Weekend Warriors is absolutely the greatest. I’ve been wanting to get back into playing for years and finally I’ve got the perfect way to get my ya-ya’s out."

Bill W.
Auto Dealer

"After I got back into playing, I’ve had a gas buying all the gear I wanted but couldn’t afford when I was 18."

Jeff H.
Ad Agency Owner

"I can sum up Weekend Warriors in three words – easy, fun, and more fun. Ok, four words."

Erik E.