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Stairway To Stardom

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Stairway to Stardom, is a Summer music program designed for young, non-professional musicians. Each participant is placed in a band of fellow students and coached by professional mentor where they will get to rehearse, write, record, and then perform on stage at a professional venue. The program is designed to be educational, inspiring, and FUN!


Any young, non-professional musician (recommended ages 10-18) can participate in Stairway to Stardom. Guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, bassists, vocalists, and other instrumentalists are welcome. The only prerequisites are basic instrument proficiency and the ambition to work hard for eight rewarding weeks. Designed for those considering a career in the music business, Stairway to Stardom teaches students the technical and artistic skills necessary to develop their careers.


The Introductory Meeting which is held in mid May, provides an opportunity for the Program Director to explain the Stairway to Stardom program in detail, outline the summer schedule and answer your questions. There is no cost to attend the Introductory Meeting.


Once the student is enrolled in the program, they will be given the specific dates and times for their evaluations. This is a low-pressure demonstration of their current abilities - not a scary audition! If they have previously participated in the program, they may be able to submit a video - details available at the introductory meeting.


Following the evaluation process dates and times will be set (Usually in Early June) where each student will meet their bandmates and have a meeting with their professional mentor who review the rehearsal schedule and calendar of events moving forward. Participation in this event is mandatory for all participants and mentors.


Each band will be scheduled for a weekly in-store rehearsal, supervised and coached by professional music mentor. In-store rehearsals will take place in a safe, dedicated rehearsal space outfitted complete with professional rehearsal gear (sound system, amps, keyboards, drums). Additional out-of-store rehearsals will be discussed, all in an effort to prepare for the recording session and concert.


Three ‘concert simulation’ Dress Rehearsals will be conducted during the eight-week program. Each Dress Rehearsal will require each band to perform one song before an enthusiastic and supportive audience of program mentors who will give constructive feedback/evaluations of the band's song and performance to better help them prepare for the recording session and final concert. Attendance at these dress rehearsals is mandatory.


Each band is required to perform two original songs and one cover song for the final concert. (Bands are not required to perform a cover song and can choose to write three originals) Band coaches will provide songwriting guidance, and program-wide Songwriting Seminars will be presented to assist in musical and lyrical composition and arrangement.


Each band will have one of their original songs professionally recorded, mixed, and launched on all of the current major streaming platforms (including Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify) The recording sessions will take place on dates TBD in JULY during the band's normal designated rehearsal time.


During the eight weeks, a series of three group seminars will be presented. The Seminars will offer participants an opportunity to interact with students, mentors, and industry professionals while participating in important presentations of valuable industry advice and information. Scheduled seminars for this season include: SONGWRITING, PERFORMANCE & RECORDING. While not mandatory to attend, many students find these seminars to be the highlight of the program.


The highlight of the Stairway to Stardom experience is the Final Concert!!  All bands will perform LIVE! on-stage before an audience of family, friends, peers, and music lovers. Professional concert-quality production – including concert stage, lights, sound, even roadies! – will enhance the experience for all involved. A panel of industry professionals will evaluate and score each band’s three-song set for performance, songwriting, talent, and overall presentation.


Enrollment for the entire 8 week Stairway to Stardom program is just $399.00

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