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The Long and Winding Road of Skip’s Music Inc.

The Long and Winding Road of Skip’s Music Inc.

 Skip’s Music Inc. was officially established in 1973. It has a storied history that dates before the 70s and still continues today, as its founder and owner, Skip Maggiora, sustains a music store that meets musicians’ needs and dreams.

 The Early Days: When Skip’s Music Inc. was just Skip

As the 60s were a time of transformation and revolution in the music industry, Skip recognized that many music stores in the Sacramento area were resistant to meeting the demands of modern music. In response to unmet needs, Skip established himself as the pioneer of Sacramento’s music industry: a title he still holds today.

 Opening his first storefront in 1973 next to a bowling alley on 24th and Florin Road, the young Skip’s Music functioned at the hand of a young, solo Skip for its first six months. Skip’s Music swiftly developed a reputation as the one place Sacramento musicians could rely on for products, services, and information they need. This reputation led to Skip’s Music’s rapid growth and success.

 Skip’s Music Inc.: Growing With Sacramento

Since 1973, Skip’s Music Inc. has grown in size, products, staff, and prominence in the music community. Skip’s Music Inc. headquarters moved to its current location on Auburn Blvd in 1979, becoming more accessible for the larger Northern California area. In 2005, Skip’s Elk Grove location was opened to meet the music needs of a booming residential area and school district. In its growth, Skip’s Music has revolutionized music learning and participation with its world-renowned programs: Stairway to Stardom and Weekend Warriors.

 In 1981, Skip’s Music premiered its annual summer youth program, Stairway to Stardom. Since the program’s first year, Skip’s Music has fostered a relationship with the Sacramento community and international sponsors to provide an opportunity for young aspiring musicians to experience the music industry. From the auditions to the final concert and recording studios, young musicians from 10 to 17 are able to live their music dreams. Stairway to Stardom also acts as a catapult for the next music adventure as many past participants go on to pursue future careers in music.

 Following the success of Stairway to Stardom, Skip’s Music started hosting a performance program for adults: Weekend Warriors. Since 1997, Weekend Warriors has provided an avenue for retired musicians to get back into playing, and supports aspiring musicians who have never played in front of an audience. Over the years, participants have ranged in age from 21 to 60+. These musicians are placed into bands, learn cover songs they want to play, and perform at a local club for friends and family. As a Weekend Warrior, playing music is fun again.

 Through these music programs and the various services Skip’s Music provides, the company is more than just a music store. Transcending local fame over the years, Skip’s Music has established itself as a force in the world-wide music industry.

 Skip’s Music Inc. On the World Stage

Skip’s Music has been and continues to be devoted to the sharing of innovation rather than holding ideas secret. With the success of its services and music programs, Skip’s Music has shared these original concepts on national platforms, such as the annual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) shows. Now, many programs and services similar to those created by Skip’s Music exist across the world.

 Skip himself has even served on the board of NAMM and is a founding member of the Alliance of Independent Music Merchants (AIMM). Expanding devotion to music industry innovation beyond Sacramento, Skip’s Music is recognized as historically and continually groundbreaking in the worldwide music industry.

 Skip’s Music and You

Throughout the history of Skip’s Music, every success story would be impossible without one vital component: you. Our devotion to our customers would be nothing without our customers’ devotion to us. Every day at Skip’s Music, our goal is to make sure every sale, service, and experience is catered to each individual’s needs.

 Our instruments and equipment products are for you. Our music programs are for you. Our devotion to innovation in the music industry is for you. Skip’s Music Inc. was created for you, and we will remain here for you. So, come in and see us today!