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Gretsch Guitars

Skip's Music Now Sells Grestch Guitars

Skip's Music is proud to add Gretsch Guitars to our line-up!

About Gretsch:

Skip’s Music is now stocked with Gretsch guitars for customers to play and take home today. With an increase in customer demand for that clean Gretsch sound, we listened, and now we delivered.

These new guitars at Skip’s Music offer that unique, identifiable sound that you can only get from Gretsch. Due to a combination of their own proprietary construction methods, in addition to Gretsch hardware and pickups, the Gretsch guitar produces a sound that no other guitar can perfectly match. Playing a Gretsch guitar will allow you to play in the tone of the most famous Gretsch players, such as Eddie Cochran, George Harrison, Jack White, and more.

Like most other brands Skip’s Music carries, Gretsch guitars are recognizable in their own right for their very specific, clean sound. Skip’s carries value options, such as the Gretsch Electromatic series of guitars starting at $449.99. Our guitar department also stocks new models that are less available than the high-end models most have come to know and love. If a high-end classic is what you are looking for, though, Skip’s has them ready for you to play and take home. If you come in and do not see the exact model you desire, we can order it for you and have it in store as fast as possible!

So come into Skip’s Music any day of the week to take a look at our new Gretsch guitars! Our salesmen are excited to show you what we have available. They will equip you with a new guitar, the knowledge of why it sounds as good as it does, and they can send you home with a tube amplifier to achieve the perfect sound you are after. At Skip’s Music, we are excited to give you that great Gretsch sound!