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Band & Orchestra Instruments and Accessories

Brands Carried

Roosebeck Meghan

Skip’s Music has a vast selection of band and orchestra instruments available for purchase or rental. Our team can answer all your questions about what instruments are the best for you by focusing on each individual person’s needs and abilities. Skip’s also has an in-house repair department that can provide quick tune-ups or a complete overhaul.
The staff at Skip’s Music are also often experienced musicians themselves, and they will take the time to find the right instrument for your needs. We are extremely lucky to have two store locations: Sacramento and Elk Grove. Both locations have employees with band & orchestra experience and look forward to helping you at any time with your purchases and rentals.



Skip's has a wide selection of new and used brass instruments, including trumpets and trombones. Our primary brands are Yamaha, Bach, and Getzen, but if you’re looking for something more unique, we can special order almost anything you need.
We carry both student instruments as well as premium instruments for discerning professional musicians. We also have a large line of used horns that rotates frequently so come in to check out our vintage Olds, Conn and many more.


Skip’s woodwind selection features brands such as Yamaha, Selmer, Leblanc, and Buffet. Not only do these brands offer tremendous instruments at professional levels, but they also make solid student instruments. Our goal is to make music easy and exciting for all, and the best way to start is with an ideal instrument.


Skip’s violin and strings selection offers a variety of great new and used violins, violas, cellos, and bass as well as some amazing new and vintage bows. Some of the brands we carry are: Knilling, Cremona, Oldenburg and of course Yamaha.
We also stock a wide variety of strings, including our preferred string brand, Prelude. We even stock electric violins by Yamaha. Our violins come in various sizes, so student players can pick up a good fitting instrument today.


Skip’s Music also provides percussion instruments like bass drums, chimes, marimbas, timpani, and more. Some of our favorite brands are Musser, Demorrow, Coe and Yamaha. Some of these brands cater to professional players & ensembles, but several also carry beginner instruments so younger students can learn to play these quality instruments.

Concert Stringed Instruments

Looking for concert harps or other elusive concert stringed instruments? Skip’s carries brands such as Heather, Pixie, Rees, Schoenhut, Roosebeck Meghan and more. We can order various sizes and styles for harps to fit a professional’s needs or for a beginner to get started.

Reeds, Mouthpieces, Strings, and Accessories

Skip's Music has a huge selection of parts & accessories in stock, including reeds, mouthpieces for both brass and woodwinds, slide creams, valve oils, neck straps, pad savers, neck corks, cleaning kits, strings, rosin, tuners, metronomes, books and much more.
Our band and orchestra employees are armed with years of experience as players, instrument technicians, as well as salespeople, and we’re here to help you.

Events & Announcements

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