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HIZUMITAS Fuzz Sustainer From EarthQuaker Devices

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: HIZUMITAS Fuzz Sustainer from Earthquaker Devices!

To place your pre-order online, open the chat box on this website.

PRE-ORDERS are now open for this ICONIC fuzz pedal designed for the #oneandonly Wata, the guitarist from the legendary band BORIS, one of the HEAVIEST bands to ever come out of Japan.
"Hizumitas is a faithful recreation of Wata's go-to distortion pedal, the Elk BM Sustainar. The Elk is a Japanese variant of the very well-known "Triangle" BMP. The designers at EQD tried several vintage BMP's during development, found that each pedal was wildly different and realized that to truly capture the magic they needed the original. Wata graciously sent her beloved pedal halfway around the world, and EQD discovered that it had something special the others didn't have: heavy saturation with a gritty edge and massive bottom while maintaining a clear and dynamic tone with enough mids and top end to cut through any sludge. The studious wizards at EQD have built all of those characteristics into the Hizumitas."
-EarthQuaker Devices
Place your pre-orders now by chatting with one of our ecommerce specialists via the chat box pop-up on this website -OR- stop by our Sacramento or Elk Grove location and place your pre-order in-store.
This pedal ships to retail on November 19th, so get your pre-orders in ASAP.
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