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Brass/Woodwind/Flute Instructor: David Witkowski


David was classically and jazz-educated at Temple University in Philadelphia and has been teaching (clarinet, sax, and flute) for over 30 years. While attending Temple, he had the opportunity to study with world-renowned jazz instructors and members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has performed extensively with various ensembles along the East Coast and, since relocating to Northern California in 1999, has continued to perform and teach. In addition to his private teaching schedule, David conducts pedagogy and jazz theory clinics and leads various ensembles. His students participate in their school bands, local and All-State honor groups, community bands, and the Sacramento Youth Symphony.

Teaching Style:

My teaching style utilizes the Socratic method of creating a dialogue between teacher and student. Still, I will mold how I teach to match each student’s unique learning style and personality. I teach from a wide range of sources, not just one book. Because of this, my students are exposed to my different styles and genres, which allows us to discuss the history of the music, the composers, and the places where the music comes from. I constantly challenge and encourage my students, allowing them to explore and add to the curriculum with their requests for songs or new styles. My students feed off my love of music and the fun I’m having in teaching them.