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Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars

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At the Skip’s Music guitar department, our product specialists have extensive knowledge that has been amassed by years of hands-on experience with the instruments, effects, and amplifiers used in creating some of the grandest sounds ever created.

By taking our time and sitting down with each guitar, amplifier, and effect, we can better show you the practical applications of each piece of gear, some interesting tricks, and the history and development of products as you try them out. Plus, you can hang out with a great group of people here that truly care whether you get the best piece of equipment for you!

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Electric & Acoustic Guitars

electric guitarsIn our guitar department, we have a stock of many amazing instruments, from steel string acoustics to nylon-stringed classical guitars, solid electrics to gentile jazz boxes. We also have ukuleles, banjos, and steel guitars, along with the proper amplification for each.

Brands we are dedicated to include: Fender, Taylor, Ibanez, Cordoba, Yamaha, and more. You can find anything from a Strat or Telecaster to classical and flamenco guitars as we have over 100 different selections ready to be played that will match your needs, desires, and budget.

Bass Guitars

bass guitarsIf the bass guitar is your instrument of choice, we have brands ranging from Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, Hofner, and Peavey, with a few special rarities on occasion. Our basses, just like our guitars, are well set up and maintained throughout the year, and are ready to be taken home and played now!

Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, and Other Folk & Ethnic Instruments

ukuleleWe also stock a healthy supply of ukuleles, banjos, and other "folk" instruments here at Skip’s Music. Our ukulele corner is stacked with ukes from Kala, Cordoba, Lanikai, and more.

We also have an ever-evolving selection of banjos and mandolins from companies like Gold Tone, Fender, and Ibanez. You can even play and take home an Epiphone lap steel guitar!

Amplifiers & Cabinets

Guitar & Bass AmpsWhat would an electric instrument be without an amplifier? Skip’s guitar department has a large selection of electric, acoustic, and bass amplifiers from brands like Blackstar, Hartke, Fender, Peavey, Ampeg, Vox, Fishman, Boss, Roland, & Quilter. Whether your needs are for a small practice amplifier for your bedroom or a stadium sized amp stack to rock the house, we have you covered. From mild mannered clean Fender amps to Hard rocking Blackstars, to Armageddon-harkening Peavey metal amps, we are sure you can find something you need.

In our bass amp area, we have big and small, practice sized to stage ready. Bass amps ranging from loud and clean Hartke amps, to budget friendly Peavey. New and improved mini Trace Elliot series amps, and hard rocking Ampeg beasts are sure to get you thumping into next Thursday. Brands like Fender, Fishman, and Peavey help supply us with a healthy set of bold and powerful Acoustic amps.

Effects Pedals & Units

guitar effect pedalsSkip’s guitar department has entire display cabinets filled to the brim with classic, boutique, and rare effects pedals, you are sure to have some fun trying a few out. MXR, Dunlop, Fender, Boss, Electro Harmoix, Crybaby, Ernie ball, and Earthquaker are just some of the amazingly diverse stompboxes that we’d love to get under your feet.

Pre-Owned, Vintage, and Collectable

Vintage & Collectible GuitarsOur store also has a wide variety of used and vintage guitar equipment. A rolling selection of Classic Fender and Marshall amps, Gibson guitars, and a few underground obscurities just to keep the fun going. Come on by to check it out for yourself today!


guitar strings, straps, and other accessoriesStop in to visit the Accessories department at Skip’s Music. You can find almost any string you need by Ernie Ball, D’Addario, GHS, Elixir, Martin, and more for both acoustic and electric guitars and basses. You’ll get to play the same electric, steel, and nylon strings that your favorite players use in various genres, such as Rock, Metal, Country, Folk, R&B, and more. We even carry Aquila strings for your ukulele.

You can also find clip-on tuners from brands such as Snark and TC Electronic, as well as polishes and cloths. Pick up an On-Stage or Hercules stand, or a Gator case for your instrument. Finally, Skip’s is your one-stop-shop for picks as we carry Dunlop, Pickboy, Cool, and even Fender.

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Events & Announcements

Check back for more information on Skip's guitar department events, clinics, and workshops.