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DJ Equipment & Event Lighting

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Skip’s Music has everything you require to make your DJ production everything you need it to be, starting with turntables and CDJs, to MIDI & USB controllers, finally to the mixer, PA, and speakers that amplify your music for your audience to dance to.
Our professionals at Skip's Music can help you develop your signature sound or demonstrate how you can create the perfect mood using creative lighting and atmospheric effects. Your DJ gear and PA are your instruments and Skip's Music has each piece you need, in one place, ready for you to experience.

Turntables & CDJ's

If you’re spinning vinyl you need a solid DJ turntable; playing CD's and you'll need a CDJ; and if playing off a laptop, you'll need a DJ Controller. As digital audio is the new standard for DJ production, solid DJ controllers that provide the same expression as vinyl, as well as the means to add FX, control looping, and providing an interface to their laptop's DJ software or DAW are a must.
Skip's Music has a great selection of DJ turntables, CDJs, and DJ controllers from brands like Roland, Pioneer DJ, Numark, and Rane.

DJ Mixers

Skip's has a great selection of professional DJ mixers from brands like Rane, Allen & Heath, Pioneer DJ, and Numark. A mixer specialized for your unique needs will allow you to create and perform music for your own personal style.

DJ & Performance MIDI Controllers

Skip's DJ department also has pad-style DJ controllers for mixing, looping and managing individual tracks and samples. Together with hardware or software sound units, mixers, synths and sequencers, DJ controllers play a crucial role as part of the modern DJ performance.

Lighting & Effects

Skip’s Music has some of the best lighting systems around. Our lighting professionals get regularly trained directly by the manufacturers, such as Chauvet, so when you need guidance on your lighting or FX needs, Skip’s will provide professional advice.
We also have a complete lineup of atmospheric effects machines like foggers, hazers, bubbles, and even snow! These effects are at their best when they're combined with the right kind of lighting. Before choosing your effects, come into Skip’s and we will help you find the right lighting and effects combination for your ideal production.

Speakers & Amplification

Each speaker is unique to the user, event, and performance. Skip’s Music offers various options for each situation with speakers from QSC, Peavey, Yamaha, and more. We will ask the right questions to make sure you're getting the best speaker and amplifier system that matches your uses as well as your budget.


With the ever-growing popularity of various DJ styles, Skip’s Music seeks to make the protection and transportation of your equipment as effortless as possible. With great options for cases, such as Gator, On-Stage, Odyssey, and SKG, you’ll will play on a sturdy platform that doubles as protection and transportation for your rig.

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