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Mariachi & Latin Instruments and Accessories

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H. Jimenez
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If you’re playing mariachi, salsa, or other hispanic/latin inspired or originated music, Skip’s Music provides what you need, including standard crossover instruments like guitar, brass, strings, accordion, or latin/ethnic percussion, as well as specialized instruments made specifically for mariachi like the Guitarra de Golpe, Guitarrón, or the Vihuela Mexicana. We have a great selection of all of these instruments in stock and ready for you to try and take home.


With a growing prominence in mariachi, accordions can provide interesting backing chords as well as melodic leads. If you’re playing other forms of latin/cuban like tango, merengue, or tejano, accordions also play a vital component in making up signature sounds.
Skip’s has a great selection of accordions and squeezeboxes from brands like Hohner, Roland, Bonetti, and Baronelli.

Guitars, Guitarron, Vihuela, etc.

Often the primary rhythmic and melodic component of traditional mariachi bands, guitars and the more specialized and specific guitar-like instruments such as the Guitarron, Guitarra de Golpe, and the Vihuela can often be hard to find.
Skip’s prides itself on having these instruments on hand in our shops, ready and waiting for mariachi or hispanic musicians looking to use the proper musical tools for their own form of folk music.


Violins in the mariachi band typically provide the melody in either unison or harmony. The string section (most typically violin, but also the viola) can play counter melodies to the trumpets/brass.
If you’re looking to outfit your group with top-level string instruments, Skip’s has a complete selection in stock with strings from Knilling, Cremona, Oldenburg and Yamaha!


The trumpet (or similar brass instruments like the coronet) is a more recent, non-traditional addition to mariachi music. Brass instruments add drama to the mariachi sound, and they are a key part of what makes mariachi music recognizable and atmospheric, and project a louder sound when performing in large spaces without amplification.
Skip’s Music has a great selection of new horns from Yamaha, Bach, and Getzen, and we’re always rotating through used and vintage stock of brands like Olds & Conn.


While not typically part of a traditional mariachi band, percussion instruments are vital to many other forms of various Latin or Afro-Cuban music genres. Skip’s has a complete selection of shakers, scratchers, bongos, congas, timbales, and cajons in our percussion/drum departments from brands like LP, GonBops, Meinl, Remo, Toca and more.

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