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Music Instrument & Gear Repair In Sacramento & Elk Grove

Guitar Repair & Luthier Services


  • Does the guitar repair department do set ups and restrings?
    • Yes. You can bring your guitar in at any time and have one of our guitar salespeople fix up your stringed instrument with a new set of your favorite strings. If you need a setup for your guitar, you can check it in with our repair department with the details of what you want/need, and we’ll have it back to you ASAP.
  • How much will my repair cost?
    • Costs for repairs vary depending on what repair and parts are needed for your instrument. You will be given a quote that needs your approval before any work will be done. You can call our store for an estimate from an associate, and a final quote from our luthier.
  • How soon can I get my instrument back?
    • Our standard turnaround time for our guitar repairs range from one to two weeks, depending on whether or not parts need to be ordered, or the repair requires more detail and time. This is also subject to change depending on how many instruments are in queue and the availability of our on-site luthier. You may call to check on the status of your repair at any time during operational store hours.
  • Is there a deposit for my guitar repair?
    • No deposit is required for guitar repairs.
  • Does the luthier provide cosmetic work for guitars?
    • Most cosmetic work is limited on a case-by-case basis. Bring your guitar in to see our luthier, and discuss what you would like/need done for your instrument. You will receive a quote and information about what the work would entail. Call our Sacramento store to hear what hours our luthier is available to see clients.
  • Do you carry small parts for repairs?
    • Frequently, we see customers who need small parts, like nuts, bridge pins, whammy bars, and more. Come into our guitar department to see what we have in stock and what it will take to get your small part installed.
  • Does your repair department provide neck adjustments?
    • Yes. Some neck adjustments are quick fixes, but others may take more attention, effort, and time. Bring your instrument into our guitar department to see what is needed.
  • What are the more complicated services your repair department provides?
    • We provide a variety of repair services, including, but not limited to, refretting, headstock repairs, and electronic repairs and installations. If you have any questions about a tricky problem you are having with your instrument, bring it in and we will find a solution.

We know how important your guitar is to you! Skip’s on-site professional luthiers can set-up or repair your guitar or other fretted stringed instrument to a better-than-new condition.

Skip’s Music specializes in guitar set ups that will leave your guitar sounding and playing better than ever. Our craftsman are capable of any guitar repair task, including, but not limited to:

  • Cracked/warped necks
  • Broken headstocks
  • Buzzing frets
  • Restorations
  • Complete Setups

Need custom work? Skip’s craftsmen customization abilities include:

  • Bridge installations
  • Pickup installations
  • Pickguards installations
  • Complete refinishings