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Conventions & Trade Shows

From brand marketers and conference organizers to exhibitors and meeting planners, all of Skip’s SM Production’s convention and trade show clients share a common goal: they want to connect people in meaningful ways. We help our corporate event clients create experiences that are exciting, inspiring, and measurable. Our work with brands and organizations help’s them attract new customers, build and strengthen relationships, and uncover new ways to understand what audiences truly want and need.

As a tradeshow or convention organizer, you’re tasked with creating an exciting and meaningful experience for everyone. It’s up to you to keep your sponsors happy, the exhibitors supported, and the attendees engaged. SM Productions can help you run a show seamlessly and smoothly, all with one point of contact.

It all starts by creating an experience that's geared toward your audience’s needs. All over Northern California and at any scale, SM Productions will support your team in bringing your amazing show to life.