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Learn to play music at Skip's Music in Sacramento


Skip's Music in Sacramento works our hardest to make sure that the guitar lessons we offer are fully-engaging and an absolute blast for everyone involved. Our guitar lessons are designed so that players of all ages, abilities and styles learn the basics they need to know to play the music they want to play, in a comfortable and professional environment.


Skip's Music in Sacramento offers bass guitar instruction that is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Beginner or experienced; rock, jazz or funk, our bass guitar teachers have been working with players like you for years, and they know how to help you develop your playing so you can achieve your full musical potential.


Skip's Music's Sacramento location offers professional instruction in all styles of drumming & percussion, including hand and world percussion! From rock to jazz, conga to cajon, learning is fun when it’s the music you love from instructors who care.

Vocal / Singing

At Skip's, our vocal coaches will help you discover your unique voice by developing the proper singing technique of using your singing voice in a healthy and natural way. Our vocal coaches will teach you the proper way to control your singing so that you can maximize your vocal potential in a way that will not damage your voice as your voice is a muscle and your instrument.

Piano / Keyboard

Are you looking to play piano to entertain yourself, your friends and family? Or maybe you want to go bigger and become a professional player, entertaining audiences on the big stage? Skip's Music in Sacramento can help you make your dream come true by learning to play the piano or other keyboard instrument.


Playing the harmonica is tougher to learn than a lot of people may believe — breathing in and out is easy for everyone, but further techniques, including bending, jamming blues, clean single notes, and correct breathing are much more difficult. Luckily, our harmonica instructors know the skills and how to teach them.


Skip's Music in Sacramento offers violin lessons to students of all ages and levels. Core principles and fundamentals are emphasized – learning the parts of the instrument, proper finger placement and bow hold. Once you know the basics, your instructor will teach how to master the instrument.

Song Writing Instruction

Learn how to write a great original song with the Skip's Music Songwriting Program’s music industry professionals. This songwriting course takes you from a first note to a finished song, with tips on writing hooks, melodies, and strong lyrics.

Brass & Woodwind

If you're looking to learn to play traditional band & orchestra woodwind & brass instruments, then Skip's Music in Sacramento is the place to go. We have professional instructors that can help beginners get started playing instruments like trumpet, flute, and saxophone as well as helping more seasoned players progress to the next level in their musical journey.