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Violin Instructor: Elizabeth Prince (Benson)

Liz has been teaching violin lessons since 2009

Teaching Method

Liz teaches basic traditional/classical violin techniques to beginning (and sometimes intermediate) students.  She uses the ‘Essential Elements for Strings’ book series for learning sight reading and the basics of the instrument.  She also occasionally assigns other pieces of contemporary, classical, or fiddling sheet music for fun additions to practice learned skills.  Liz likes to ensure an excellent foundation is set with good posture, accurate bow hold, precise intonation, solid timing, and the ability to sight read.  



Liz began studying traditional/classical violin in 1988 with her school orchestra and has been playing since.  She has been awarded “most versatile musician” by Keyboard III Studios in Colorado and has won 1st and 2nd place in many middle and high school state competitions.  In addition to school orchestra’s Liz has studied violin privately in Colorado and at a variety of colleges such as Metropolitan State College (Denver, CO), Sacramento City College, and American River College (Sacramento, CA).  Liz has had many wonderful performing opportunities including playing for several local Sacramento bands such as The Mythics, Tiny Monster Invasion, and Illusions Echo.  If you’re curious, Liz’s current music project is with the band and songwriting collaborative, The Bitter Elegance (www.thebitterelegance.com).