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Vocal/Singing Instructor: Michael Mervine


Include Rock, Blues, Soul, Pop, R&B, Country and contemporary Christian.


Michael is an exceptional vocal teacher with an impressive multi-year background specializing in Rock, Blues, R&B, and as a Christian worship pastor leading worship and building and guiding instrumental & vocal teams. With a profound passion for music and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he has honed his skills to become a highly sought-after mentor.
While living in New York City, he gained first-hand knowledge of the New York music scene where he lived and performed in major NYC venues and clubs. He also released a record with Casa Blanca Records and toured Europe, and the US!
Locally, Michael has formed numerous bands Including Elvis Monroe and Acoustic Soul playing throughout the Sacramento and San Francisco areas and has been known for his aggressive Christian worship leading and as a worship pastor, for years!
Michael's extensive experience allows him to provide invaluable guidance and instruction to aspiring singers, helping them unlock their true potential. His ability to adapt to various genres and his deep understanding of vocal techniques make him an ideal teacher for those looking to explore different musical styles. With his nurturing and patient approach, Michael creates a supportive environment where students can develop their unique sound and gain confidence in their abilities.


Michael takes all his training and experience to help develop a classically based regime with an individual instruction program. Michael teaches the foundations for strengthening the vocal muscles while assisting a singer reach personal goals. Michael enjoys helping singers bring out the best in their voice and has been accredited for assisting many singers take their vocal prowess to the next level.

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