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Worship & Praise Audio/Video Custom Design & Installation 

Skip’s Systems Engineering Group (SEG) is a local expert resource for the design, installation, and support of worship/praise audio, video and lighting systems.

The distinct architecture of churches and other houses of worship often makes designing a sound system a difficult task. High ceilings, hard materials, and non-acoustically optimal spaces that are often found in most churches (especially historic buildings) can provide unique challenges vs. a more modern purpose-built sanctuary.

When you combine those factors with the large range of frequencies and amplitudes that need to be conveyed (speaking, solo singing, choirs, and a variety of instrumentals), it makes a professionally designed audio system an absolute must.

Off-the-shelf or outdated AV installations can make your worship service difficult to hear or deafeningly loud. SEG can design an AV system for you that carries all sound to every pew, at a clear and comfortable level.

Audio/Video Beyond Worship:

A church is about more than worship, it is about community. The community areas of a church can benefit from a professional audio video system designed by SEG. We will design a custom audio video system for each function or meeting space. Expand your education and community meeting spaces with state of the art audio and video capabilities.

Our service does not end with sound design and installation. We recognize that the most state of the art custom system is nothing without an educated user. We provide training and customized training materials for clergy, church staff, volunteers, and other end users. And, of course, fast and friendly technical support is always available.

Audio & Acoustics

Skip’s SEG will work with you to create a complete audio system capable of meeting your performance needs. We talk with and try to understand the unique needs of the various groups or individuals who will be using the systems. Budgets will be developed from the information and preliminary systems will be designed.

Projection & Camera Systems

SEG can help you design and setup a video projection and recording system for your facility. SEG’s design team has experience in video production that is invaluable in providing solutions that meet both your performance and budget concerns. Standard definition, high definition, distributed systems and streaming solutions are just some of the options. We also specialize in developing creative solutions to solve a variety of video challenges such as providing video links to remote rooms such as overflow spaces or “crying rooms.”

Professional Lighting

SEG’s staff can provide an integrated lighting solution for your house of worship. By incorporating the best control technology along with the latest in intelligent lighting equipment we can provide a complete solution to meet your needs. We have years of experience in theatrical and live production environments and design all systems to be reliable and smooth to operate.